• where the nightelves dance
    (just take one fearful glance...)
    starshine shimmers on obsidian skin
    and dark silken robes float with the nightwind
    graceful and silent just like their high elven kin
    in morning mists when light is still dim

    where the nightelves sleep
    (with each others in their arms to keep...)
    soft breaks the autumn sun
    through layers of dark curtains
    down your back my fingers run
    as outside daylight brightens

    where the nightelves love
    (a black crow flies, leaving the white dove...)
    with moonlight breaking on nightenblue flesh
    and tears glittering in your endless eyes
    as gentle and smooth a kiss as a caress
    and every song on your lips like grieffilled sighs


    and when the nightelves die
    only bright cruel daylight remains.
    the sun presses your eyelids close
    and then it burns your dreams.

    01.04 by schattenfisch