• Hello,

    My name is Terry, I am new to the area, I do not speak much German.

    I live in Wittlich and am looking for LARP groups or Reenactment groups in the area.

    I like Medieval fantasy or low fantasy, are there any groups in this area that I can join?

    please email or message me

  • Welcome to Larp-Ahr :)

    You've got Sam Gamdschie e.V. (country Amonlonde) in the neighbourhood, members especially around Sinzig and Ahrweiler. Amonlonde cons are mostly high fantasy (as are Daynon and Montralur, which are also part of the community here).
    When it comes to low fantasy you should have some words with Don Emerald, Damorg or Bellaria (who speaks English fluently ) who are in charge for Magonien, a country with straight hierarchy, low level magicians, priests, guardsmen, soldiers and lots and lots of "normal" peasants.. more or less ;)

    Magonien e.V. and its members are mostly located in and around Heidelberg but there should always be someone to go with from your area.

    Any questions so far? :D
    Welcome again!

  • I will check these guys out. I am mostly interested in combat and the like, I don't deal with much magic. I am hoping to find a group that likes to practice often, I like the exercise. 8)

  • Last saturday in november there will be the annual Amonlonde tavern event "Zur Tanzenden Hexe" in Schuld? Somewhere there. I guess that would be a good opportunity to get to know some of us :)
    And enough time to get some German in your head as well! :.

  • Ha ha! 8-)

    That could make it very fun thou, we would have to resort to primitive communication, and drawing pictures in the dirt!

    I am not trying to be lazy, I just don't know how much German I will know in a month or two, but i will be trying!

  • Zitat

    Original von kalabario
    I am also looking for good weapons, and maybe a shield.

    I have my own armor and clothing.

    Welcome .. and here is another Link for a good "Weapondealer" ... :D


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    Magistrat des Hofes von Tir Thalessay

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    Wir sind Geister , die unerkannte Macht

  • Hiho
    (It's really strange to see you all write in english...)

    Welcome aboard, Kalabario.
    There are other groups in your area, nebelwölfe e.g. oder chaoslarp e.v.
    I don't know if they have a regular combat training at the moment but maybe you'll get lucky.

    Some of them will be there in November so that could be a way to make contact with members of those groups.

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  • I have actually posted on the nebelwolfe forums, not too many have responded to me yet. I am hoping in time I will be getting some information from them. the chaos larp forums are a little more confusing I haven't figured out where to make a post in there just yet.

  • That's why they call themselves 'chaos larp'. 8f

    Have you tried Engonien e.v.?
    Cologne and Aachen are not really very close to Wittlich but I think they have something like a regular combat training. Used to, a couple of years ago...

    Vergiß nie...
    daß die Erde sich danach sehnt von deinen bloßen Füßen berührt zu werden,
    und daß der Wind es liebt in deinem Haar zu spielen